Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some sweet engagement shots

October is a great month for outdoor shots. Last week, we went to North Shore suburb of Highwood for Erin and Dino's engagement shoot. There were pumpkins everywhere in the attempt of breaking the worlds record of lit pumpkins. They were can check out photos, video, and comments at

Chicago Botanic Gardens is a photographer's dream with over 365 acres and 24 gardens situated on nine islands surrounded by lakes. This is where we started Erin and Dino's engagement session. We then took a unique personalized tour of the beautiful homes where some of the 80's movies were filmed and Fort Sheridan - a once US Army Post now renovated into residential neighborhood. The architecture is exquisite!

Thank you Erin and Dino for your hospitality (and for the freshly picked pears from your front yard)...Looking forward to your wedding at the Grand River on 9/10/11!

Closer to Dubuque, Todd and Kendra's engagement session was just as colorful and the light was just perfect. We had a lot of fun - and, by the way, like the new phone! Looking forward to your wedding in July.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Sarah and I took a few shots in this old barn, this was
one of my favs.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chris & Lara and Michelle & Jeff

Congratulations to Chris and Lara, we loved the Model A Ford
and Todd, their ring bearer. He was a good puppy!

Michelle and Jeff had a great day! We missed the rain or should I say the rain missed us.
We were able to enjoy the beautiful October day in the Galena Territories.